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Chronologies and Merit Reviews


Our relationship begins with your free consultation.  We will outline your needs, perform a gap analysis, and initiate a custom plan to save you time and money in your medical related cases.  See our most common services below, then give us a call to expand the efficiency of your legal team.

Case/ Subject Matter Presentations

Custom Case Packets


  • Global Case Overview
  • Case Dependent Medical Record Documents Abstraction
  • Simplifies Expansive Medical Record
  • Pertinent Information Immediately Accessible
  • Important Documents Organized and Tabbed
  • Packet Arranged in Chronological Order
  • Evidenced Based Standards Included as Reference
  • Custom Packet yet Consistency in Every Review


  • Subject Specific Education for Attorneys
  • Guidance with Demonstrative Evidence Presentations
  • Conference Topic Presentations - Especially Healthcare Quality, Risk Management, Charting Do's and Don'ts
  • Custom Healthcare Presentations to Meet Target Audience Needs
  • Comprehensive Medical Record Review
  • Easy to Read Formats
  • Establishes Role Clarity in Case Involvement
  • Identifies Missing Records
  • Provides Subject Guidance for Interrogatories and Requests for Production
  • Incorporates Evidenced Based Research and Determines Adherence to/Deviation from Standard of Care